Over 270,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack each year. About 30% die before reaching hospital. About 70% of cardiac arrests happen out-of -hospital*.

This project is run in conjunction with British Heart Foundation, and Heartstart Gravesham Life Saving Club. Whilst there is no formal charge it is suggested that participants make a donation, perhaps around £10 per person might be a suitable amount.

The British Heart Foundation launched a TV campaign back in January 2012 to encourage bystanders to undertake CPR with chest compressions only. On this course, we go into a little more detail and rescue breathing is still taught as is can still be beneficial in some cases. Click here to view video

The course includes:-

  •  gereral care of a casualty including procedures for obtaining help
  •  dealing with an unconscious person who is breathing
  •  performing adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  •  dealing with a choking adult
  •  dealing with seroius bleeding
  •  dealing with a suspected heart attack casualty