Beach & Still water

At GLSC, we offer the oppotunity to complete the RLSS Live Saving open water awards:

Beach Award –

The Bronze Beach Award will encourage and challenge you to develop your skills for the beach environment. You will be taught lifesaving skills as well as Survival Swim techniques. The hazards section of the programme is particularly interesting as you will learn about tides, swimming through waves and sea life as well as practical first aid skills. If you love the neach environment, this is the award stand for you to follow once you have completed the Bronze Core.

The Silver & Gold Awards in this section build on the skills already learnt, and intriduce new skills the further you progress.

Still Water Award –

Rivers and lakes always look so appealing – just the perfect place for a swim you might think. When you take the Bronze Stilll Water Award you will learn and discover new skills that are particularly relevent to rivers, lakes, canals, locks and flood situations. Do you know what an eddy is? Do you understand water hydrolics? Would you know what a strainer is? When you take this still water award you will learn about these and much more.

Again, there is progression through Silver and on to Gold for those adveturous enough to have a go.