Survive & Save

There are two awards to be achieved within the pool setting, the Medallion Award and the Sport Award.

Medallion Lifesaving Awards

The medallion awards are completed within the swimming pool , and are aimed at people over the age of 12 years. They are a range of awards that teach personal survival, rescue, sport, fitness skilss and knowledge.

The awards are progressively structured into three levels of Bronze, Silver & Gold. Each level also has a Core Element that candidates must completed before they can take the Medallion Award strand.

The Core Elements ensure that the candidates learn all of the key skills and knowledge at each level. They form an integrated element of progression and are not stand alone.

The Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Award introduces you to Beach and Open Water skills but trains you in your local pool. This a fantastic entry level into the “Survive & Save” Awards programme because it informs and challenge you with basic Rescue, Self-Rescue and Survive techniques along with water Hazards including Rivers and Quarry Pools along with the Sea and Coast environments.

Silver Medallion

The Silver Medallion Award will review Bronze Award elements and then take you into rescue scenarios where you will be introduced to working with an Emergency Action Model. On the theory side you will learn about water bed shelving in lakes and reservoirs

Another key area of the Medallion module deals with the issues that flooding presents. In the pool your physical rescues will be tested with various towing techniques as well as landing a casualty, and the aftercare that is required. Silver Medallion builds on your previous “Survive & Save” award but takes you to a more physically and mentally demanding area of lifesaving.

Gold Medallion

The Gold Medallion Lifesaving Awards introduces you to Beach and Open Water skills but trains you in your local pool. This advanced course will take you to the peak of the “Survive and Save” Awards programme because it will test and challenge you with on the advance Rescue, Self-Rescue and Survival techniques you will acquire along with advanced knowledge regarding water Hazards including River, Quarry Pools and sea and Coast environment.

Sport Award

Lifesaving Sport is a unique and challenging sport, because it combines competitive swimming skills with modified rescue skills from the world of lifesaving and lifeguarding. Whilst taking the Lifesaving Sport Awards you will also develop real lifesaving skills so you will know what you do if a real-life emergency happens near you.

In the same way as the Medallion Awards, there are bronze, silver and gold levels , and if you complete three gold level awards within 24 months you will be awarded the Distinction Award, which is the highest lifesaving award available.