Save an Adult’s Life & Save a Life (AED) workshops

Open courses are likely to be held at Cyclopark, The Tollgate, Gravesend. Details will be confirmed once dates are released. If you a part of a group, or have several family members who wish to be trained, contact us, and see if we can arrange a course for you.

What would you do if someone stopped breathing?

Save an Adult’s life workshops teach local communities what to do in an emergency and equip them with the skills to help adults who have stopped breathing, are choking or have suffered a heart attack. Over 270,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack each year. About 30% die before reaching hospital. About 70% of cardiac arrests happen out-of-hospital.

Whilst there is no formal charge it is suggested that participants make a donation, perhaps around £10 per person might be a suitable amount.

You will learn

  • Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Choking (diagnosis and treatment)
  • Drowning (diagnosis and treatment)

Do you know how to save a life with an AED?

AEDs are increasing in number with several available in communities for public uses. Save a Life AED workshops will give you the confidence to use this lifesaving equipment in the event of an emergency.

You will learn

  • How to use an AED


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This little girl is a bit under the weather. She has been seen by a Dr and diagnosed with Tonsillitis. A common infection that many of us have had. She is being treated with antibiotics and painkillers and is back at home with mum to get better. ❌She is also developing life threatening Sepsis.❌ Could you tell? Could you spot the clues? Sepsis is a life-threatening reaction to an infection. It happens when your immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage your body’s own tissues and organs. Sepsis is sometimes called septicaemia or blood poisoning. It is a medical emergency and must be treated quickly. Fortunately for this little girl her mum noticed the "mottled skin" that you can see here in the picture on the girls hand and she was treated promptly. Aside from mottled skin, other signs and symptoms in babies and children include: * Fever or feels abnormally cold* Breathing quickly/sucking in around ribs* No urine passed for over 12 hours* Very sleep/drowsy* Vomiting/Diarrhoea* Cold hands and feet If you think someone might be developing sepsis call 999 or take them to A and EIf you would like to improve your first aid knowledge why not attend one of our baby and child first aid classes? See MoreSee Less
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Save A Life Gravesham
Save a child’s life workshop tomorrow See MoreSee Less
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