Thinking about getting an AED?

Is your AED likely to be outside the building for public access 24/7? If so, then you are looking at around £2000 for the AED and cabinet. This money could be raised by local fundraising, or grants from local government / council / etc. We are currently working with the Community Heartbeat Trust who specialise in these types of project and can assist with purchase of the AED. They are also able to offer a Managed Solution Package providing insurance, battery and pad replacement, whenever this is required over a ten year term.

Save a Life Gravesham will deliver a training/awareness package to suit your needs ranging from an hour or so familiarisation session up to a 4 hour level 2 accredited course. We aim to deliver these free of charge upon receipt of donations to our scheme, but some are chargeable.

Is your AED likely to be inside the building with restricted access?

This option is likely to involve initial purchase of the AED and signage. Ongoing costs of battery and pad replacement will be required. Depending on the AED selected, batteries tend to last around 5 years and cost about £200. Pads last 2 years or until they are used (whichever comes first) and cost around £50 per set. You would be unlikely to get a Managed Solution Package with this choice.

Whatever you decide, once your defib is there, please register it on The Circuit, so that the ambulance service are aware and can direct callers to it.